Zoning & Dampering

Do you suffer from different temperatures in various rooms of your home?

In many homes, one room may be warm in the winter, while another is retaining too much heat. On summer days, you may be cool in one room but the air conditioning does not reach the others very well. These scenerios may get more intricate, but the cause is the same each time.

Zoning & Dampering

  • Dampering – A dampered zone system can not only save you 30% in your heating and air conditioning costs every year, but they can also make you more comfortable in your home. Zoning & dampering works by allowing you to have separate thermostatic control for the various rooms in your home.
  • Distribution Systems – During the day, the sun may end up heating up one side of the home, or a particular room. The zoning system can follow the sun as the day passes while the heating and cooling follows it to correctly balance the temperature in the home.
  • Popular Usage – This type of zoning is more famously known for heating and cooling sections of your vehicle. It has grown in popularity over the years, and almost all late model cars have this feature. Zoning a home was made famous when it was reported that Bill Gates had this feature in his “smart mansion” which regulated the temperature so accurately that it would detect body heat and make the proper adjustments in the zoning system for that room.
  • Programmable Thermostats – To control the system, there are thermostats which are programmable located in each zone. They allow you to preset the temperature for a specific time of day if you know that you will be in that zone at a certain time. You can override the new settings and restart that zone if you change your plans later on.

Reasons To Use Dampered Zoning

  • Uneven Temperatures – One room may be heated by the sun and either require air conditioning, or nothing at all, while the room on the opposite side of the home is cold and requires heating. Every situation is unique, but the solution is dampered zoning.
  • Limited Use – You do not use certain rooms in your home, and those rooms do not need heat or air conditioning wasted on them. You can zone these rooms to remain dormant so that you may save money on your heating and cooling bills.

The Pros Of The Zoning System

  • Using a zoned system is cheaper than having multiple systems in your home.
  • Complete control over the temperature in each zone.
  • Operating costs are lower.
  • Unused zones can be shut down until needed.
  • Easily shut down zones when you are sleeping, and restart them when you awake.
  • The variable speed motors use one third (1/3) or less of the power than a blower motor.

The Cons Of The Zoning System

  • You cannot zone small rooms. For instance, a bathroom is to small for proper cycling of the equipment.
  • You must use an air conditioner that’s 2-stage.
  • You must use a variable speed blogwer on the furnace or air handler.
  • You need a dump zone, aka a room in the home where overcooling or overheating does not occur. This will allow excess conditioned air will be relieved.