Tune Ups

HVAC Tune-Up for your Furnace and Air Conditioner

An HVAC maintenance tune-up should be performed on both your furnace and air conditioner at least annually. Our Precision Tune-Up could save you up to 30%* on your monthly energy costs. That means you could possibly save hundreds of wasted repair and energy dollars Just from a Tune-Up , more efficient operation and help ensure future problems are discovered before they occur. Routine annual maintenance is vital to efficient, worry-free heating and cooling proper Tune-Up is requried year round for your heating and cooling.

Many HVAC service contractors offer furnace or a/c equipment tune-up service, but you should always understand exactly what you’re getting. when a Tune-Up is required.

Furnace Tune Ups

  • Maintenance – All mechanical systems need to be maintained, and HVAC systems are no exception. Checking the furnace requires a professional to look at the flames in the burner and make sure they are steady and strong, not flickering or orange colored. A good flame is a steady blue flame. Dust is removed with a vacuum if it has accumulated. This cannot be done though until the furnace unit is cool, so the temperature must first be turned down or turned off.
  • Method – A damp rag may be used to clean the fan, but not until the circuit breaker for the furnace has been turned in the off position. This will ensure that the fan does not power on and injure the person servicing the unit.
  • Oil Cups – Once the area has been vacuumed and wiped down, it is necessary to check that the blower fan has oil cups at the end of the central shaft. The sealed units do not need any oiling. If there are cups, they will need a few drops of oil.
  • Fan Belts and Motors – Lots of blower fans have a fan belt and an electric motor. If yours does have one, then the tension and it’s condition must be checked. Age and heat will wear out these belts over time and cause cracks to appear. If cracks are found, then a belt of the same size must replace it. A properly adjusted belt should have about a half inch of play when you press down on it. If it has too much or too little tension, then it has to be adjusted by moving the motor after loosening the electric motor mounts.
  • Completion – Once this has been done, the furnace panels can be reattached, and the circuit breaker turned back on. Remember that a furnace filter should be replaced once a month during the winter heating season. This should be done immediately after the furnace tune up.