Static Pressure Reading

Are your ducts clear or has there been pressure drop?

  • Balanced Airflow – Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts channel the flow of air that has been climate controlled with centralized systems. If your ducts are not clear, then they will not have a balanced efficient air flow. Static pressure reading is the solution to make sure your ducts are not blocked.
  • Pressure Checks – These static pressure checks are done using a manometer. The manometer is hung up near the ducting being checked. Both sides of the manometer is read, and by adding the sum, you have the static pressure.
  • Static Pressure – Another quick test checks the static pressure drop, and that should be less than the static pressure reading. Once this reading is recorded, a tube is removed and you have another high and low reading. Subtracting this reading from the first reading should tell you that the number is equal to the 2nd quick check mentioned above.

These checks should be done with first a forced air duct open, and then again closed. When it is closed, the reading should be significantly larger due to the restriction.

If an air filter filles with dust, then you will get a significant pressure drop.

Why it is important to have a static pressure reading?

Making sure that your system has the proper pressure ensures an efficiently running hvac system. Efficient systems mean that it will cost much less to operate during the season, and reduce the risk of needed costly repairs in the future.