Space Heaters

Space Heaters

Space heaters, which come in different shapes, sizes, and types, are designed to heat specific areas on your home. They range from small portables, to permanent fixtures mounted to the wall or ceiling.

Space heaters were not meant to supply heat to your entire home, nor are they meant to be used for a large amount of time. They tend to only be used for short periods of time when a person or persons are located in the same room.

The reasons for using a space heater

  • When a person is in a room of the home which does not get the same amount of heat as the other rooms in the home.
  • When only a small portion of the home is being used, and the majority of the home’s natural heat is unnecessary for the unoccupied rooms.
  • When short term tasks are required to be performed in rooms with no heat or limited heat.

Portable heaters are typically used in homes, while wall mounted and ceiling mounted heaters tend to be reserved for commercial or industrial use. Just because statistics show this type of use does not mean that one kind of heater should only be used for residential or commercial purposes.

  • Options – There are many options when it comes to space heaters, and each have their own safety specifications. When you select one, make sure it meets your specific heating and safety needs.
  • Radiant Heaters – These types of heaters disperse heat similar to how a warm fireplace or the sun does; by directing radiated towards a specific direction. They are powered by fuel or electricity, and have a variety of heating elements. They also vary by how they focus heat; by using reflectors or allowing the heat to dissipate towards where the heater is facing.
  • Radiant Heaters – Radiant heaters are especially useful for heating a person rather than an entire room or space. They also work best in open spaces rather than areas with doors, extra walls, or obstructions. With this type of heater, you have to be in it’s line of sight in order to feel the heat.
  • Convection Heaters – These kinds of heaters rely more on the natural pattern of air rising in order to heat a room. Designed to heat entire rooms, they work best in rooms with doors that close so they are sealed off. Cold air cycles through the heater, and transforms into heated air which rises. The cold air remaining in the room pushes lower and cycles through the convection heater until the room is warm.
  • Combination Heaters – These employ convection and radiant heating techniques, and tend to be flexible when operating. These kinds of heaters can heat up objects (people) and the air in the room. They sometimes use an internal fan that pushes the warm air throughout the room.

While those are the major types of space heaters, additional types are unit and utility heaters which are gas fired, and oil fired respectively.