Furnace installation is not a typical do it yourself procedure. It is important to understand the simple facts of how a furnace works. The first step in furnace installation is figuring out what type of furnace you plan to install.


  • Furnace Systems – There are many types of furnaces, such as Electric, Natural Gas, Propane and oil. The type of furnace you choose is normally determined by what Energy Source is readily available in your area and the cost of that Energy Source.
  • Specifications – The second step is figuring out sizing, venting and who the installer is.  Each of these steps can be figured out by our trained experts. Choosing the wrong contractor can lead to recalls, equipment malfunctions and future problems. The 10 year Parts & Labor Warranty Proves Goodman stands behind their equipment and so does BNC. With any new install we will give a 2 year Maintenance contract Absolutely Free, that’s a savings of $480.00 just to show you we Care about your Comfort & Safety
  • Mechanics – Most furnaces work the same way. They draw air into the ducts through the air returns, which return the air to the room once it is heated.
  • Electric furnaces – Electric Furnaces use a heating element, while other furnaces use a pilot light. The air enters the box containing either the heating element or the pilot light, and goes back out to the ducts once warm.
  • Pre-Installation – If there are any issues with your duct work, high efficiency furnaces will not operate as designed. That’s why it is important to have a professional check your ducts to make sure there are no leaks or blockage.