Bloody Noses?

Always Itchy?

Sick of Static Shocks?

Sore Dry Itchy Throat?

Your Home is too Dry.

Seasonal changes have significant effects especially in Minnesota because our winters are SO dry, cold and can be miserable, leaving your home dry which can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as:

•Annoying shocks by static electricity

•Itchy, dry, cracked skin

•Feeling cold even when thermostat is at desired setting

•Bleeding sinuses/nose

•Sore throats

•Clothes and blankets sticking to you

If anyone in your household are effected by these symptoms are in your home, you might want to consider having BNC install a new Aprillaire Humidifier in your home. It works out of sight, sound and will automatically bring your home to the desired humidity level.

Further Advantages

  • Stronger Immune Systems – Studies have shown that the body’s immune system will function better when the relative humidity in a home is between 45%-65%.
  • Your Home- Dry air affects everything — I mean everything — around us. If the humidity is too low, plants droop, paintings may craze or crack, furniture joints will loosen, moldings shrink, and wallpaper will peel off due to a lack of moisture.
  • Keep Wood Safe – A loss of humidity can also cause warping and splitting of wooden furniture, woodwork and hardwood floors. Instruments such as woodwinds, strings, and even pianos, will loose pitch and become prone to cracking and warping as well.