air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning is classified as the cooling of indoor air for comfort. An air conditioner also known as an AC, is an appliance or system manufactured to stabilize the air temperature and humidity in a certain area. BNC Heating and Cooling goes above and beyond, providing excellent systems for your home. Call us today – you will be glad you did.

Air Conditioning Repair

  • Central Air – Central air conditioning is more effective and efficient than standalone air conditioning units. Have you ever been in a home where one room is ice cold, while other rooms are 90 degrees? With central air conditioning, the cool airflow reaches every room in the home, and conditioned air is more evenly distributed. Central air is also less costly, as multiple stand-alone units can end up sucking power as they run.
  • Advantages – While a central air unit may be a bit more costly to install than purchasing a standalone unit, think about how much you would save in electricity bills in one summer season. Also consider that using a single standalone unit can end up causing health issues for anyone sleeping in the hotter rooms that may have breathing problems.
  • Ease Of Use – Most central air units are located outside of the home, and utilize your existing duct work to distribute the air throughout your living space.
  • External Units – By having the air unit outside of the home, you have no risk of window pane damage caused by most standalone units. When a standalone unit runs, it builds up a bunch of moisture which leaks out of the vents of the unit. This can cause not only damage to your window-pane, but can also drip on carpet and cause mold to grow.
  • Hazards of Standalone Units – Additional issues can arise because standalone units can become loose, and fall out of the window. If this happens when you are away, not only can it damage your window, but it can allow your pets to escape the home.